At the moment my life is all about small things. The little boy is seven months and he’s ready to motor. That means pint-sized shorts and mini socks. Tiny sandals and mini baseball hats for the summer. Teeny toes and fingers reaching for everything. I’m starting to cut up small bits of food and I’ve found it’s changing the way I’m looking at dinner and grocery shopping.

That’s how I ended up with “mini mini bocconcini” in my fridge. Tre Stelle asked if I wanted to take a fresh look at their cheese selection, so off to the market I went with coupons in hand. And in looking over all the options in the cheese aisle, I realized that I seem to only buy the regular size bocconcini (rounds of fresh mozzarella) when I’m having an event – tossing them into salads or on skewers for appetizers. In honour of my son, why not try the “mini mini” bocconcini and see what we can do with them? Paired up with “mini” (or cherry) tomatoes, there’s no way this cheese can lose.

Plus, chunks of cheese in pasta means my husband had his two favourite things together. For me, I wanted something fresh and spring-like for dinner. Fresh cheese, with raw tomatoes and a dose of garlic scape pesto says spring to me. For you readers, I realized I hadn’t posted a pasta recipe in a little while, so it was time to catch up.

Turns out, mini items are fun to eat. This pasta, which serves two, was devoured in minutes. And while he’s not ready for this food yet, my son was eyeing my bowl, those little fingers reaching as far as they could to get a taste!

“Mini” Spring Pasta
250g of your favourite semolina pasta
1/2 recipe of garlic scape pesto
1 pint cherry tomatoes
1 container Tre Stelle mini mini bocconcini (200g)


With the pesto prepped, this pasta dish is just minutes to completion. Put a large pot of water on to boil the pasta. While waiting to get that up to a rolling boil, it’s time to drain the bocconcini from their liquid…


…and wash and slice your cherry tomatoes in half.


When the water comes to a boil, throw in the pasta and cook to the package directions for al dente. Reserve a 1/2 cup of the pasta water and drain the pasta.


Return the pasta to the pot (off the heat) and stir in the pesto and pasta water until the pasta is completely coated. Toss in tomatoes and cheese with a quick stir – just long enough to get the cheese warm but not melted! – and serve immediately.


If you have young kids in the house, this pasta will be fun to eat, picking out the cheese and tomatoes. It’s the right time of year too – the tomatoes are sweet like sugar. The cheese is refreshing and not overpowering. You can also try this recipe with regular basil-based pesto or parsley pesto.


Disclaimer: Tre Stelle provided me with coupons towards my cheese purchase. I don’t accept products in exchange for a positive review or placement. All of my reviews are 100% honest and based on my opinion and the interests of my community, as I value my readers..

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