Found: Vintage Italian Postcard – Alterrocca-Terni Opera

Antique vintage Italian postcard Opera Terni


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A Tour of Montreal’s Little Italy

Montreal's Little Italy












In honour of Montreal’s current festa, Italian Week or Semaine Italienne, I’m posting the next in a series of features on Little Italy’s around the country. I’ve been fortunate to be able to travel a bit this summer and have taken pictures along the way. Already, you’ve seen Taste of Little Italy in Toronto and Pier 21 in Halifax.

Montreal’s Little Italy, or Piccola Italia, is memorable for its cafes, Italian specialty stores and it’s neighbour, the Jean-Talon Market.

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Tradition in the Garden

Zucchini flower













A photo of a zucchini flower – a reminder of my grandparent’s garden,

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Found: Vintage Book of “What to Say in Italian”

Vintage Italian Language book

My husband and I are still unpacking from moving into the new house so I’m still finding surprises in his things. Like this gem – a vintage Italian language book. I’m not sure where it came from. I’m a huge fan of old books and this one had me smiling for a while! From 1946, it has words and phrases for all sorts of things…












Among my favourites:
“The bread is not fresh!” “Il pane non è fresco!”
“Will you recharge my accumulator?”  “Favorisca ricaricare il mio accumulatore.”
“If anyone asks for me say I am not at home.” “Se qualcuno me cerca dica che non sono in casa.”
“Two front teeth have to be extracted.”  “Mi deve estrarre due denti davanti.”
“I cannot wear a material pattern with large flowers.”  “Non posso portate tessuti stampati a grandi fiori.”

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Vintage Italian-Canadian photos from the SFU Archives

It’s a rainy day, so it’s a good day to look back and reflect. Lucky for me, I’ve found a great trove of vintage Italian-Canadian photos to check out and share with you. Simon Fraser University offers a wealth of images, audio and video that gives a snippet of what life was like for early Italian immigrants to Canada. Here’s a few and there’s more to come…

Italian Vintage Photograph from SFU Archives

Italian-Canadian march (city unknown)


Italian-Canadian vintage photos from SFU archive

Italian-Canadian family with horse and carriage

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Found: Vintage Italian Postcard – Napoli 1907

Antique vintage Italian postcard Napoli 1907

Another favourite Italian vintage postcard!

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