Antique vintage Italian postcard Venice Venezia 1906

Some things change and some things always stay the same. Right around when the holidays approach I think of how much has changed in my family over the years and yet how many things, like Italian traditions, stay the same no matter how we progress. From the Christmas Eve seafood feast to planning visits to relatives, the holidays are now in full swing. I’ve already started my Christmas baking with my favourite recipes from when I was young and this year, I have to try out a few of my mom’s tried and true (and difficult) Italian treats.

With food, as with heritage, I’m a fan of pieces of Italy found right here in Canada. Today, it’s this beautiful vintage Italian postcard from 1906, found at a paper show just north of Toronto, that I’m loving and sharing with you. A reproduction of a painting, the postcard depicts Rio Van Axel in Venice as seen in the late 1800s. Those greenish-blue colours are my favourite tones and I love the serenity of the image. How much as Venice changed since 1906? As much as the Italian focus on family, food and tradition has: very little.

Well, you  judge for yourself. Here’s a photo of modern-day Rio Van Axel…

Palazzo Sanudo Soranzo van Axel in Cannaregio on the Fondamenta Sanudo and Rio della Panada, built in 1473-79 (photo)

(look carefully though…might it be that the water is higher? Venice, get those floodgates working!)

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